Welcome to the Cult!

The word “Cult” basically refers to a group of people with shared beliefs and a common goal. Quite often it might even have a negative connotation. Don’t you worry, this Cult is nothing like the latter, I promise.

Millennials, in my humble opinion, are a cult in themselves. Born at the cusp of great technological progression, coupled with the old school hustle, we have the potential to do anything and everything. And we’re doing it! Now more than ever.

The Millennial Cult is a dynamic writing platform, that aims to celebrate, discuss and showcase this Millennial drive – The Lifestyle, The Struggles, The Hustle. Especially the hustle! Constantly awed and inspired by the zeal of so many people I know – old and new – I couldn’t help but put pen to paper (or fingers to keys). Though the hope is that these blogs and articles will help, guide and resonate with you, don’t take it to heart incase they don’t and you keep doing you! Because at the end of it, it’s you who knows you better than anyone else. And that’s who you’re accountable to first.

And lastly, while the blog may be called The Millennial Cult, ALL ARE INVITED to share ideas, thoughts and stories here. Like I always say, Millennial is a Mindset!

Keep your wits sharp, Millennials!