The Real Wishing Chair

Forgive me, but I’m going start this one a little abruptly and take you down a childhood memory lane of mine. Bear with me, for I promise I’ll try and make it worth your time!

When I was fairly young, way way younger than I am now – “Santa Claus is real” kind of young (he still might be) – I read a book called “The Wishing Chair”. Cutting right to the plot, the story basically revolved around a protagonist stuck in a tall tower, very damsel in distress-y. She wished to see what was out there and to be rescued from the greatest evil of all – the Monotony!

Now we all know how the story goes right? A princess in trouble, a knight in shining armour and the great rescue followed by a happily ever after! Or that’s what we’re told. Except this particular damsel did not chance upon a prince (and good thing too coz she was like 8 or something). What she did stumble upon, however, was an old magical chair. The unique thing about this chair was that it was enchanted to sprout wings and take the owner wherever they wished to travel. And travel she did! To her heart’s desire and to far off places that the tower otherwise restricted her from!

Now while I’ve recounted the plot to the best of my recollection, I don’t remember exactly how the story ended, and honestly, the ending was never the point here. Because as I grew up and bid farewell to the fictional wishing chair, I realised we were all the protagonists in the story!

Think about it really – We might not be caged in a fantastical tower, but our cage was never built out of bricks and cement, was it? No, we have our own prison created out of adulthood expectations that society created for us. To compete in this never-ending race, get a degree, get a job, a marriage, a mortgage and then a retirement plan! 

I know, pretty depressing when you put it like that, and no offense to the ones who are perfectly happy with this. There’s no one way to lead a life. But to the ones who are not, there’s the silver lining to it all! For if the tower exists in reality, so does the wishing chair.

And you’ve had it all along!

For the longest time, before the age of Internet and Netflix, airplanes and all the other innovations of our time, what’s the one thing that’s helped people escape their daily struggles and find moments of peace, respite and happiness even? It’s obvious, isn’t it?

It is ART!

Mario’s Gallery (Goa)

Through their writings, plays, acting, music, and so much more, art and artists have been teleporting us to unseen lands and magical places, born purely out of an extraordinary and vivid mind! They have rescued us in times where things looked bleak and inspired us when we felt hopeless. Such is the power of art. 

So, my dear readers, the whole point of taking you through this winding road, was to try and introduce you to my version of magic. And it is quite different and unique to everyone who encounters it. And I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t urge you to find art in some way and either create it or experience it in its raw form.

Go to plays (or Zoom it), sit amongst the actors and writers, hear them talk, listen to their struggles and dreams and inspirations. Write if you like it. Sing, cook, find anything the thing that makes your soul happy and do it! Contrary to popular beliefs, you don’t have to make a career of it, just experience, practice and enjoy it and you never know where your wishing chair might take you! Believe me, if anything will get you through this unheard-of time, this will!

And with that, this particular word trip comes to an end. And I thank you for accompanying me, for as much as I love solo travels, I can always appreciate your kind company!

I’ll see you soon Millennials. Till then, Keep your wits sharp and that child in you alive.

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