2020:The Year of Awakening

Or should I say “Rude” awakening? Well, it’s definitely been something, that much is certain! But on the upside, what it did do for us, was help us get our priorities in order. Okay, I will admit, “helped us” might be too much of a sugar coating! Let’s say it kicked our asses into getting our concepts and priorities straightened out.

But don’t believe me, read on and let me know if you agree! Here are a few changes that the pandemic induced lockdown shaped for us:

Creating Multiple Sources of Revenue: We’ve all probably heard it at one point or the other, never really paying heed to this golden advice. And why should we? We have a cushy job, pays our bills, gets us nice stuff. Who needs the extra hustle! Well, if anything, the heavy layoffs and economic crisis induced by the pandemic proved that the extra hustle is exactly what we need! 

Starting new online Ventures: If anything, this year has been a blessing in disguise for online content creators! With more time on their hands, quite a few people stepped into the online content world and the ones already a part of it dedicated themselves even more fiercely to their trade! The boom we saw on social media because of the lockdown definitely helped boost these efforts! You must have seen a number of health, fitness,music and many more creators pop up and be recognized in this duration!

Savings: With the fear of unemployment or pay cuts looming over our heads because of the dipping economies, we certainly realized the importance of having the cushion of healthy savings! It helped us analyze our expenses, cut out the unnecessary ones and take a better look at our lifestyles and priorities. Food on the table trumps the new jacket collection any day!

Investing: Let me circle back to the point of multiple revenue streams again. Any financially savvy person or book would tell you that a healthy portfolio of investment is important. And Boy, are they right! You don’t always have the time or the skills to have multiple jobs. In such cases, investing consistently and carefully can prove to be a huge asset (accounting pun intended)! Not only that, investing in your early years can ensure that you have a comfortable life to look forward to! People who have a healthy portfolio of investments are always much better prepared for uncertainties and job losses!

Prioritizing: We also learnt a great deal about prioritizing things in life! Bringing your work home was not just metaphorical anymore and it became harder to draw a line and have a healthy work life balance. But with some effort, we did become pros and defining where our work ended and our lives began! We also prioritized our health, expenses and habits that helped us and continues to help us survive the lockdown!

Upskilling: I can’t speak for everyone when I say this, but in my opinion, upskilling yourself is more important now than ever! With so many people laid off and inevitably looking for jobs, having that extra edge in your resume really can’t hurt! Even without the impending sense of doom, it usually bodes well to keep acquiring new skills and keeping up with what the industry demands!

Work from Home Culture: This is possibly the biggest mindset shift out of all! While work from home isn’t exactly a new concept, a lot of organizations still treated it as something of an off! It was associated with low productivity! That is, until now! With nature forcing their hands and mandatory work from home in place, this mindset has quite a shift! Not only are the people as productive and the work still being carried on, but in some cases, the productivity has even increased! With the hassle of getting ready and long commutes removed and people being able to get enough rest and work from comfort, the overall satisfaction has definitely increased. Even the organizations are realizing the benefits of the WFH culture and one can only hope that this will continue to be the case post pandemic as well!

That’s all I got folks! Thanks for reading! Remember, this is just my perspective but I’d love to know how you found this! I’ll see you for another read soon! 

Till then, stay safe and keep your wits sharp!

The Millennial Cult!

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