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Trendy But Tasteless?

Let’s start with this. I don’t particularly love Pizza from Pizza Hut or Dominos. No offense to anyone who does – I’m sure they’re perfectly fine. I just feel like it’s more about pushing volumes. I like little places that curate Pizzas. Wooden stove, thin crust, authentic and so on. I want to feel like there’s some investment in it. Of time and care and effort. 

No. This blog is not going to be about Pizza. But this seemed like a perfectly good analogy to talk about fast fashion and how it has led to style not being so much of a statement anymore.

The dawn of Instagram and suddenly we’re all obsessed with trends. What people are wearing, what’s the new hot stuff out there. If it’s on the ramp, a version of it has to be in our wardrobe. This has given a boost to fast fashion and a clone culture. Unfortunately, while the clothes have become cheaper, it has cost us something much greater than money. Being unique, cultivating a sense of style, having quality and durability in our wardrobe, not being part of a herd – to name a few. So what can we do? How do we shop smart? Well, here are a few ideas:

Shop less, shop quality: Look for quality and unique styles that speak to you. Style is a form of self expression and you need to try on and test what your style looks like. And one thing i’ve learnt is that there isn’t scarcity of creativity and people can repeatedly surprise you if you give them a chance.

Shop small: You’d be surprised at the quality and style some small business can provide. You might have to look for these because they might not have as much visibility (they’re called small for a reason), but once you find them, they’ll be worth it – even if they cost a little more over fast fashion. Also, because these businesses are new and trying to get a footing in an over crowded and over competitive market, they pour their hearts into it and might even go out of the way to accommodate and help you. 

Quality over Quantity. Always: This rule is as golden as golden rules go. The clothes you buy from small businesses may cost a tad bit more than your usual fast fashion, but they will definitely be more durable (do your research of course). Always choose quality over bulk purchase because you end up paying the same. The only difference is making a conscious purchase over bulk buying that ends up in the discarded section of your wardrobe after a few wears anyway.

Clothes can be repurposed: Another thing I like to do is purchase clothes that I can style in my own way. A shirt can be worn individually or over a tee I might already own. footwear can be worn with my denims as well as trousers. This way I don’t have to purchase in bulk and my wardrobe isn’t cluttered with useless choices that I’m not going to wear anyway. 

All said and done, this is what it comes down to – You cannot replace or put a price on you. And your personal style is a very important factor that contributes to you being you, so do not compromise on it. Invest in it. nurture it. Express it.

Till we meet again. Keep that style sharp!

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